I know Microsoft is large and has a lot of resources;  I am pleading that we as a company can focus on something that would have more impact than creating another MP3 player.  I am referring to our new strategy to take on the iPod (again) outlined on news.com.  This just seems like a another distraction when we could be focusing more energy on competiting with companies who have a home and enterprise presence like Google.  What does another MP3 player get us in the end?  No need in telling me how Microsoft wants to be running the Windows OS everywhere.  I would rather see us be more focused on being the next great service provider (** ahem ** think live.com services here).  Services that span across lots of devices and appliacations running a diverse set of operating systems.  We can have a greater impact on both the home computing and enterprise markets versus chasing the iPod.

My parents and most of my friends could really care less about buying a Windows powered MP3 player.  It is kind of like really caring if your old walkman was from Sony or not.

It is time for Microsoft as a company to move on from focusing only on Windows and Office dominance to the next big thing, what ever the next big thing happens to be and stay focused on being the best in the business. 

Note:  Advertising is not the next big thing it is the current thing.