January, 2005

  • Eric Jarvi

    redirecting stderr to stdout on the command line

    2>&1 is how you redirect stderr to stdout on the command line in windows, when I inevitably have to do this again sometime, maybe this will help me remember. :) [ XP redirection docs , technet docs ]
  • Eric Jarvi

    writing code that doesn't require admin privileges

    An internal email discussion on how to help people write code that doesn't require administrative privileges yielded the following links, hope somebody out there finds this helpful: Top Ten Tips for Secure Testing (#1 tip - test as non-admin): http:/...
  • Eric Jarvi

    The Language of Biology

    Check this out, a language for modeling biological processes: http://research.microsoft.com/displayArticle.aspx?id=711 I'm a fan of biomimicry and I think this idea of using a computer language for modeling biology is pretty cool. In fact I sometimes...
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