(Update:  Skip straight to a great answer to this question by Travis Owens)

I just got an email from a Microsoft customer (who will remain nameless) who is trying to improve their company's intranet.  They wanted me to give them some insight into Microsoft's intranet, send some screenshots, etc. what works and what doesn't etc.  I don't want to be guilty of leaking information, breaking my contract, and thereby lose my ability to continually supply you with great blog content, so it's going to take a while until I have formulated all of my opinions from the Microsoft side.  However our intranet I think is heavily influenced by the fact we seemingly have access to as many copies of Sharepoint, Windows, SQL Server, and Visual Studio as we want and we are all to some degree computer geeks, so I'm guessing there would be value in trying to recruit other people to participate in this project.

So the call goes out to anyone working outside of Microsoft that is reading this blog - do you have screenshots, descriptions, or what does and doesn't work for your company intranet?  Do you centralize it all, or is an organic, emergent type of thing?  What makes it hard? You can either post in comments or privately via the contact form. 

I'm not doing this purely out of altruism, this is actually interesting to me because the more I understand what your needs are, the more equipped I am to fight to fix the type of bugs that you are most likely to care about.  :)