I can't compete with the talking Automation Horse but in my pursuit of supporting QA community sites, here's a plug for AutomatedQA I got in email:

We'd like to invite you to visit aqCommunity, our new blog for developers and testers. AutomatedQA staff and our community of customers and friends contribute smart tips and articles on software development and QA, with a healthy bias for AQA products like TestComplete and AQtime. As an incentive to visit and participate, we're offering some prizes…

Post a comment on aqCommunity and you could win a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Submit a story, and if it's used, you could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. There aren't any strict rules for the prizes, if you register and participate you'll have a chance to win. The sooner you join in and the more you can participate the better chance you'll have to win. We can't wait to hear from you, please visit now and share your thoughts!


Best wishes,
The AutomatedQA Team