October, 2006

  • Eric Jarvi

    protest: the tester's box

    [ protest ] First off, business reality dictates that as unique and individual as we all are, for someone in every company (let's pick someone in HR), the job of a tester boils down to a black box. Job descriptions often read like a "spec" of what...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: No Late Fees on Channel 9

    FYI - just got word that VSTS has its own category on Channel 9 making it easier to browse through what's available, here are the links: VSTS All [ Web ] VSTS Videos [ Web | RSS ] VSTS Screencasts [ Web | RSS ]
  • Eric Jarvi

    protest: the status wiki

    [ protest ] Over the past year or so I arrived at a nice way to report status that finally works for me, and has earned its keep in the protest system. The way this works is just set up a private wiki page for just you and your management chain. I...
  • Eric Jarvi

    protest: bug tracking basics

    [ protest ] There are tons of interesting queries you can do with a decent bug database (subliminal message: buy TFS). Managers and leads have all sorts of ways of looking at the data. And it can be entertaining to pull out gems from your bug database...
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