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  • Blog Post: Security & Perf Videos

    J.D. Meier has posted a decent index of videos covering performance testing, ASP.NET 2.0, and VSTS:
  • Blog Post: application responsiveness

    Joe Duffy just got an application responsiveness article posted at Dr. Dobbs that's worth reading:,guid,b25572f1-ff84-4acb-865c-112b5d21af00.aspx
  • Blog Post: concurrency for scalability

    Joe Duffy article in September's MSDN Magazine:,guid,8b234428-1542-4a87-958f-2885c7cd6860.aspx
  • Blog Post: Improving Application Startup Time

    "just because you're writing code fast doesn't mean you're writing fast code" - here's an article from the CLR perf team if you're looking for ways to improve application startup time :
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Profiler FAQ

    Ian Huff just slammed out our first ever profiler FAQ, check it out:
  • Blog Post: diagnostics and linq

    One of my side projects is researching how our diagnostics tools can help LINQ developers ( ) - if you want to drop any thoughts or suggestions drop me a note via the contact form
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: VSTS Dev & Test Tools MSDN Public Chat - Wed 10/19 @ 10am PST

    Team System MSDN Public Chat Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developer & Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers When: Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 10am PST What: Join us to discuss the Profiler, Test Tools (Unit, Generic, Manual), Web & Load Testing, and Code Analysis...
  • Blog Post: podcast on performance testing

    "All about performance testing with Keith Moon"
  • Blog Post: ++number_of_profiler_bloggers;

    Give a welcome to John Lyon-Smith who just joined our team by subscribing to his blog! First post - counting bits:
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: profiling windows services

    If you want to run the performance profiler on your managed windows services, this is a must read:
  • Blog Post: high performance testing

    Better Software carrying a feature article on performance testing:
  • Blog Post: Rico Mariani talks on improving .NET performance

    Just came across this Channel 9 video of Rico Mariani (performance architect) teaching people how to fish for performance issues --
  • Blog Post: thoughts on the future of dynamic code analysis

    This really belongs in the comments field of my last blog post, but it turned out I had more thoughts to vent and this would make a monster of a comment, so here goes: What more could there be to dynamic analysis than code coverage and profiling? Probably the debugger falls into that category. I don...
  • Blog Post: Tuning .NET Application Performance

    This was released about a year ago, but still some valuable information on ASP.NET perf tuning: "This chapter provides an iterative process to systematically identify, tune, and eliminate bottlenecks...
  • Blog Post: profiler wiki page

    I've started a ProfilerWiki as an experiment on Channel9. If want to participate, go for it...
  • Blog Post: Profiling ASP.NET apps with the help of external load and web tests

    ASP.NET profiling in Beta 2 from within the IDE opens up an IE browser window as if you were going to generate load that way. That's fine if the web page triggers a web service or some internal function that you are targeting, where one simple button push on the web page will then trigger what you are...
  • Blog Post: Beta 2 Whidbey ASP.NET Profiler HOWTO

    At the time of this writing, Beta 2 is not yet legally available on the outside AFAIK, so I hope I'm not jumping the gun here - but the more eyeballs and user feedback you can help us get, the better. So consider this a work in progress that will get updated as time goes on, if you have anything to add...
  • Blog Post: The Choice Between Sampling and Instrumentation

    I know, I know, this is the canonical starting point topic everyone has already covered with the Whidbey profiler. I just needed something easy to psyche myself up before launching off into the more technical issues we've come across while working on getting Beta 2 ready, so bear with me and consider...
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