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  • Blog Post: LUA making it into dinner table conversation

    OK, so maybe that's a stretch but it's nice to see the pros and cons of this basic idea being discussed more broadly: "Fewer permissions are key to Longhorn security"
  • Blog Post: nonadmin wiki

    Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? Check out this support wiki for running Windows as nonadmin:
  • Blog Post: rootkit revealer

    FYI - some rootkit defense information New and Improved Rootkit Revealer (Sysinternals) Rootkit Revealer vs. Hacker Defender... (Robert Hensing's blog) Rootkit Detection Treasure Trove (Wilders) Strider Ghostbuster Rootkit Detection (Microsoft Research)
  • Blog Post: writing code that doesn't require admin privileges

    An internal email discussion on how to help people write code that doesn't require administrative privileges yielded the following links, hope somebody out there finds this helpful: Top Ten Tips for Secure Testing (#1 tip - test as non-admin):
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