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  • Blog Post: Test Patterns

    Encouraging to see more thought and effort being put into software test patterns. Alan Page recently posted on this topic over at the MS Press Blog .
  • Blog Post: Iterative XML Tree Traversal

    Here's a C# code snippet for iterative tree traversal of elements in an XML document using XPathNavigator that takes advantage of parent pointers. [ download source ] test.xml 1 <? xml version = " 1.0 " encoding = " UTF-8 " standalone = " no " ?> 2 < test > 3 < a /> ...
  • Blog Post: Risk Management

    My first article on the topic of security testing and risk management is now published in the March 2009 issue of Testing Experience magazine, pages 28-30. (free online subscription takes you to PDF download)
  • Blog Post: Office Security Team

    The Office security team typically targets memory-corruption bugs in the software like buffer overruns, integer overruns, and format strings...
  • Blog Post: Traction

    Some ideas on how to "get traction" as a software tester (especially at Microsoft):
  • Blog Post: VSTS Web Access Power Tool

    Now with linkable web pages!
  • Blog Post: Security & Perf Videos

    J.D. Meier has posted a decent index of videos covering performance testing, ASP.NET 2.0, and VSTS:
  • Blog Post: Team System Web Access Power Tool

    Details on Brian Harry's blog:
  • Blog Post: driving data driven unit tests with text files

    A few weeks ago I was looking for a simple way to do data driven unit tests on VS 2005 using a plain text file with one entry per line as the data source. I waded through documentation and forum posts using every search trick I know to find a solution. Nothing jumped out at me, so here's what I pieced...
  • Blog Post: Patterns & Practices Security Videos

    "Click Here"
  • Blog Post: Debugging ASP.NET AJAX

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to debug AJAX from the comfort of the IDE? Gonzo stuff like setting a breakpoint inside of some script that'll get hit client-side? We're getting there, and could use feedback. Noah has a great post on this with screenshots - check it out:
  • Blog Post: powershell

    Port 25 has some video up to coincide with the powershell (monad) release:
  • Blog Post: protest: the tester's box

    [ protest ] First off, business reality dictates that as unique and individual as we all are, for someone in every company (let's pick someone in HR), the job of a tester boils down to a black box. Job descriptions often read like a "spec" of what inputs and outputs are hooked up to the job. Maybe...
  • Blog Post: protest: the status wiki

    [ protest ] Over the past year or so I arrived at a nice way to report status that finally works for me, and has earned its keep in the protest system. The way this works is just set up a private wiki page for just you and your management chain. I am lucky to have access to prerelease versions of...
  • Blog Post: protest: bug tracking basics

    [ protest ] There are tons of interesting queries you can do with a decent bug database (subliminal message: buy TFS). Managers and leads have all sorts of ways of looking at the data. And it can be entertaining to pull out gems from your bug database every now and then just like Google and MSN Search...
  • Blog Post: Michael Howard on the Silver Bullet Security Podcast

    Here's the link...
  • Blog Post: protest: stress relief

    [ protest ] I'm getting over the flu and dropped the ball on my "protest" series, but I'm not dead yet. Is laughter is the best medicine? If so the thought for today is that really good testers seem to have built up a resistance, a sense of humor to survive the fact they are living in a scary Shyamalan...
  • Blog Post: protest: fault injection

    [ protest ] Fault injection is one of those technologies that has always been just a bit out of reach for me in terms of its ability to deliver results. Some tools are out there, I actually won a personal copy of Security Innovation's awesome Holodeck product at a trade show, and we've got some internal...
  • Blog Post: protest: bugbash tricks

    [ protest ] With the winds of change seemingly blowing developers into testing and testers into development it seems like there are some pockets of our industry where the craft of manual testing is becoming somewhat of a lost and unappreciated art. A more mustachioed Eric than I (who you should...
  • Blog Post: protest: drag reduction

    [ protest ] A while back on Slashdot there was an unforgettable post on who had the worst working environment starting with aerospace. Those of you who actually are rocket engineers will undoubtedly cringe, but in my simplistic understanding, cleaner aircraft have less frictional drag and better fuel...
  • Blog Post: protest: defect reports sans attitude

    [ protest ] Last year David Williamson invited me to review this article on the "perfect" bug report before it was posted: With all the advice about what to put into bug reports, it got me thinking about things I've learned not put into...
  • Blog Post: the protest series

    Over the past few years I've been putting together a rough collection of ideas that I use internally for doing software testing, I call it 'protest' as in pro fessional test ing. This is a way of taking some of those thoughts and ideas and putting them out there for the software testing community at...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: teamprise interview

    "Sam interviews Martin from Teamprise, a company which has developed a pretty interesting suite of client applications that can access Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from Macintosh, UNIX or Linux clients using Eclipse. The Teamprise implementation allows development teams to use the source control...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip:

    Join the party - MSDN is gettin' wiki with it: (FAQ)
  • Blog Post: Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference

    Stumbled across Keith Stobie's blog today... Time to start beating the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference drum!!FCF2D51D333DA1FD!197.entry I'm not a big fan of most conferences (just give me the slides, please) but one...
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