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  • Blog Post: VSTS Web Access Power Tool

    Now with linkable web pages!
  • Blog Post: Security & Perf Videos

    J.D. Meier has posted a decent index of videos covering performance testing, ASP.NET 2.0, and VSTS:
  • Blog Post: Team System Web Access Power Tool

    Details on Brian Harry's blog:
  • Blog Post: driving data driven unit tests with text files

    A few weeks ago I was looking for a simple way to do data driven unit tests on VS 2005 using a plain text file with one entry per line as the data source. I waded through documentation and forum posts using every search trick I know to find a solution. Nothing jumped out at me, so here's what I pieced...
  • Blog Post: EWeek: "Microsoft Plays to All Developers"

    Here's an article that catches a glimpse into what makes us tick over here:,1895,2106952,00.asp "We want to focus on how software development might change over the next 10 years," Kass said. "And as corny as this sounds, I think [VSTS] is a way for us to change the...
  • Blog Post: TFS Power Tools Video

    "Ed Hintz, development lead on the Team Foundation Server team, gave us a demo of the newly released Team Foundation Server Power Tools v1.2 . Ed demonstrates a new tool for monitoring the status and uptime of Team Foundation Server as well as a new Process Template Editor for visually customizing work...
  • Blog Post: Fixing "Service Unavailable" After TFS Installation

    Just in case anyone else out there hits this issue. A friend called me yesterday asking for help troubleshooting a TFS installation problem. After installing TFS and "doing everything right" he still got 503 Service Unavailable messages. I logged in and this repro'd in the TFC client and straight browser...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: No Late Fees on Channel 9

    FYI - just got word that VSTS has its own category on Channel 9 making it easier to browse through what's available, here are the links: VSTS All [ Web ] VSTS Videos [ Web | RSS ] VSTS Screencasts [ Web | RSS ]
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System Application Development

    My pre-order copy of Steve Shrimpton's "Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System Application Development" finally arrived today - it is massive and on page 722 the author confesses "I could have made this book much longer!" It's at least an order of magnitude more detail than the manual that ships in the box...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Pluralsight Applied VSTS Course

    FYI - I just found out about this VSTS course being offered by PluralSight: "4 intensive days learning how to effectively use Team Foundation Server and how Team System can affect everyone's day-to-day activities"
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: teamprise interview

    "Sam interviews Martin from Teamprise, a company which has developed a pretty interesting suite of client applications that can access Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from Macintosh, UNIX or Linux clients using Eclipse. The Teamprise implementation allows development teams to use the source control...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip:

    Join the party - MSDN is gettin' wiki with it: (FAQ)
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Is It Live Or Is It Virtual TechEd ?

    To blatantly plagiarize from an internal email that has marketing written all over it: "For the first time ever you can see and hear much of what Tech•Ed has to offer by visiting the Virtual Tech•Ed site at . Virtual Tech•Ed's team of editors and bloggers will bring you compelling...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Team System VPC Available to MSDN Subscribers

    For the .01% of you who don't already have Rob Caron's blog in your Outlook 2007 Beta RSS feed reader: Team System VPC Available to MSDN Subscribers
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip:

    Proof that campfire skits are still alive and well in the internet age. I must admit the DCR one hit a little too close to home ... :)
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Team System's Got Database

    The database team pulled it off! I'm really hoping this is a pattern for future additions to Team System and we can keep building momentum around this idea of creating software development tools that bring all the stakeholders together in harmony even if they don't all eat C++ for breakfast. My opinion...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: TFS Admin Tool

    "allows a TFS administrator to quickly add and modify user permissions to all three platforms utilized by TFS"
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Converting TRX to HTML

    Just heard about this utility to convert TRX files to HTML reports that's under development, more info here:
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System Reviewed...

    Visual Studio Team System survives a review by James McCaffrey -!504C7CC53E7E7FE8!168.entry
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Profiler and Code Coverage FAQ

    Ian just helped get this up, check it out: The Profiler and Code Coverage FAQs from the forums are now up on the MSDN team system FAQ site. Check them out in the right column below:
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Team System Dev & Test Chat April 19th

    Details here: Also check out David Kean's blog while you're at it - he's actually running these now:
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Teamprise 1.0 is now available

    Just caught the buzz that as of this morning, Teamprise 1.0 is now available online: "Deploy Team System across the enterprise with ease.The Teamprise client suite enables your entire software development team to use the source control and work item tracking features of...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Profiler FAQ

    Ian Huff just slammed out our first ever profiler FAQ, check it out:
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: TeamPlain Web Access is now available!

    This is straight from the heart of one my very own "ISV Buddies" who plugged into Team System before most people even knew such a thing existed, so I can't help but toot the horn and pass along the news, this is almost occassion to break out the HTML blink tag, but I'll spare you and your feed reader...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Tip: Build Scheduling

    Good intro post on Abhinaba's blog about how to schedule builds using Team Build:
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