Declan Fischart ( QUT Innovation Space) and Emily Easterby ( MIC Manager) at our Launch Event

On Tuesday May 22nd 2012, we officially launched our Microsoft Innovation Centre in Queensland. We are ready to kick off our first couple of months of activities focused on training, business development and connection to industry for start-ups in Queensland.

So as start-up, small business or student entrepreneur there are plenty of ways to become a part of our Microsoft Innovation Centre. Over the next two months we have following events taking place:

June 15th- 17th Kinect Bizspark Startup Weekend- More Details

June 19th StartUp Brisbane and Silicon Beach Networking  Evening - More Details

June 20th Brisbane Bizspark Lunch with Colin Kinner- More Details

June 21st-22nd Azure Foundation Training- More Details

July 4th Cloud meets Devices Workshop- Register Here

July 18th Brisbane Bizspark Lunch with Dean Robertson- Register Here

Business Development

The Lean Start-Up Group: Every month the Brisbane Lean Start-Up Group meets at the Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre. This is a group to encourage regular group conversations for anyone interested in the application of Lean Startup Principles and the Customer Development process developed by Steve Blank and refined by Eric Ries. The Lean Startup is a movement that is transforming the way new products are built and launched. For more details visit Brisbane Lean Start-Up Group. This is an initiative run in partnership with Lean Market Research.

Brisbane Bizspark Community: Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs starting a business. The Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre is a Bizspark and Bizspark Plus Network Partner. Not only are we able to assist start-ups on getting on board our Bizspark programs,  in Brisbane we are also providing a platform for our community of Bizspark partners with monthly Bizspark Lunches as well our very popular Bizspark Start-up Weekends.

Mentoring: If you are a start-up looking for a mentor, whether it is in the business or technical space, let us know. We are connected to some great mentors and advisors who are more than willing to dedicate some time to share some advice and experiences in each of these areas.

Connection to Industry

Alongside the partnership we have received from the Queensland Government in launching this initiative, we have some brilliant Industry Partners at the Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre, who are working with us to bridge the current gaps for start-ups both in Queensland and across Australia. Every quarter we run an Industry Forum where key influencers and leaders from the start-up community form a panel with a particular focus. We are passionate about connecting start-ups up to our industry partners and have designed our programs to compliment and collaborate with what our partners offer to the start-up community. Our Industry Partners Include:

River City Labs

QUT Innovation Space


Australian Capital Investments

Sales Monkey

Lean Market Research


Spike Innovation

If you’re a start-up in Queensland in the tech space, we want to hear about you. You can contact us through and someone from our team would love to have a coffee with you and talk about how we can help.