At the Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre we recognise that most start-up's either work from home using skype or from a co-working space with other start-up's. We have some great facilities at the QMIC and we want to share the love. So what is it that we offer in terms of space for our start-up's?

As at Start-Up at the QMIC you can book:

  • A room for your next customer meeting
  • A fortnightly spot for your team meeting
  • A theatre for your next big product launch

How to book:

  1. Email
  2. In the subject line put "QMIC Space: "
  3. Beside this enter the kind of booking you need by keyword i.e. "event", "customer meeting" or "team meeting"
  4. Our team will respond by helping you book the appropriate space.

To ensure we get back to you in time please contact us within 7-14 days prior to your meeting, or 21 days prior to an event or product launch.

Looking for a long term home? Check out what our partners River City Labs have to offer at