Windows 8 Application Kick Start Session

Re-imagine your favourite application using Windows8! In this session Bronwen will introduce you to the world of Windows 8 apps and how they are different to the desktop applications you have been familiar with. She will take you through the main controls and navigation patterns to create your next application and show you how to integrate the charms like the search and share. Finally, we'll have an interactive session to help you plan out how you'll build your great ideas into a killer Windows 8 application.

Times: 9am- 1pm

Date: 11th October 2012

Cost: Free

Venue: Microsoft Innovation Centre, Level 28, 400 George St, Brisbane, 4000

Register Here

Requirements: Please bring your own laptop with Windows 8 (or preview version) installed, the SDK & visual studio. You can find these downloads here.

We also ask that in advance you come prepared with the following two downloads as part of the workshop:

1. -