We recently had the great pleasure of hosting iPledg at the MIC, but the awesome knowledge our start-up's gained from Bryan's session was just too good for us to keep to ourselves. So below we have a video of the highlights from the session and iPledg has also kindly provided with some top tips via their blog.

There are five golden rules for promoting a funding campaign

  1. Find other groups on the internet and let them know about the campaign, tapping into your shared passion.
  2. Ask people to not only support the campaign, but to spread the word.
  3. Don’t beg. It is not always about the money. Inform the crowd about the campaign and its intended outcome, and they will engage.
  4. Saying thank you publically and singling out project supporters in social media delivers great kudos, creating a flow on effect in their efforts to provide their ongoing support
  5. Persistence, Persistence, Persistence – keep promoting, even when the campaign hits its target, continue to spread the word and engage the audience

So here are the highlights from Bryan Vadas's session at our last Brisbane Bizspark Lunch... enjoy!

For more information on iPledg check out www.ipledg.com