Our MIC partner & BizSpark Network Partner ilab is making a final call for their Germinate Program... details below.

For entrepreneurs with early-stage ideas, prototypes and business concepts, applications for our next Germinate Program close at the end of this week!!! http://www.ilabaccelerator.com/entrepreneurs-2/ 

Meet a handful of our ileague who will share their secrets for building and exiting a successful technology-based business during the 1st Bootcamp, kicking off Monday 19th – 22nd Nov.

•  Rebecca Wilson, Stretch Marketing, Founder

•  Tim Kastelle, UQ Entrepreneurship, senior lecturer of business modelling

•  Kay Lam McLeod, Idea Law, Founder

•  Teilo Berquier, Wolfbyte, Co-Founder

•  Peter Davison, PayPal, Fishburners, Investor, Co-Founder

•  David Harrison, Mammoth Media, Co-Founder

•  Annette Henry, Eos, Co-Founder

•  Evan Clark, Clickview, Co-Founder

 If successful, you will be provided the opportunity to listen and learn from speakers over 4 days, mix with graduates of the Germinate Program, workshop your business ideas and technologies with other teams and present to a selection panel for entry into ilab’s Summer Germinate Program. If you are invited to join the Program, you will work with ilab mentors and management for 3 months as well as receive a grant of up to $20K to assist with further technical and business development costs. Refer to ilab's website to look at program features in more detail http://www.ilabaccelerator.com/entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs-program/

Check out  previous participants, launching product within three months or validating prototypes - one step closer to building a sustainable, profitable business. http://www.ilabaccelerator.com/investors/portfolio/

 This could be you!