Meet Co-opRating, a rocking start-up from the Microsoft Innovation Centre. Their founder Martin Smee talks about how they began:

Co-opRating began as an idea at uni after us seeing someone else play the game Minecraft*. The freeform creativity, the fact that most people were building things for good just because they were given the tools to -  we thought there had to be some way of transferring over those sensations to the real world! So after thinking and writing about it, the answer became obvious – if you were going to make a Minecraft in the real world, you’d make it about skills. So we formed a small team, then a large team, and now a bit of a dream team to get to work on Co-opRating, a skills marketplace where you get to add to others work. It’s a blast to use, and pays good respect to our inspiration.


 So what is Co-opRating?  

Your Co-opRating is your reputation…..That’s about all we’ll say for now – you should try it! The Beta is open for invitations and testers, and the more the merrier inside. We’re very close to our big reveal, and it could be any user featured in the media we get. The Co-opRating team consists of Marty Smee, Andy Lau and Vanessa Grixti – and we’ve just added two more members. Look for us all once you’re inside!

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*(If you don’t know what Minecraft is, it’s a game about freeform building, and destroying, of terrain –but it becomes way more. It gives you a lot of freedom!)