Meet LeapIn, an amazing Gold Coast Start-Up we have had the privilege to spend time with at the MIC, who are taking your phone and turning it to something that can unlock a whole lot more! I asked their director Steve Dunn to tell us a little more about it.


How did LeapIn start?

We began working on our digital keys solution in early 2008, when co-founder Steve Dunn was living in a permanent rental apartment inside the Rydges Hotel. After repeatedly being locked out by failing magnetic stripe cards, Steve decided there had to be a better, more reliable way to secure rental accommodation. Over the next couple of years, LEAPIN developed its digital keys concept with business plan competition prize moneyR&D grants from the Australian Government and with the support of an awesome start-up accelerator program called Innovyz Start (part of the Techstars Global Accelerator Network. LEAPIN is based in the Gold Coast Innovation Centre – Griffith University Incubator. 
What is LeapIn digital keys?
Founded in January of 2008 and based on the Gold Coast, Australia, LEAPIN is a mobile applications and security services company. Our products allow you to make, revoke, send, and receive digital keys, and open your doors with digital keys from your smartphone. Whether you want digital keys for your house, your apartment, your office, your shop, your sporting facility, your car, your rental house, your Airbnb or anywhere else you use metal keys or cards, LEAPIN can make it happen. Ask us how! 
LEAPIN's Digital Keys can perform all the same functionalities as smartcard access control systems, and then some. Digital Keys are more secure and more convenient than their smartcard/swipecard system predecessors, they are simpler to install and operate, they involving no supporting network infrastructure, and they are a little as one-tenth of the price.
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