Meet Nubis, we discovered this passionate and energetic start-up this year at our Windows Phone 8 Start-Up Weekend! They are doing some amazing things! I asked them to share some more on how they began...

How did Nubis start?

Nubis, far from being n00bz, started as the core technology team at Indigo Telecom, where we all met. There, we cultivated a unique culture around our obsession with technology. Through this passion and against odds we created many ground-breaking technologies in the areas of telecommunications infrastructure, Enterprise-Resource-Planning, service provisioning, financial systems, end-to-end business automation, large-scale distribution and location-based-services. Upon Indigo’s premature demise, we realised we have everything required to become a successful disruption on a global scale on our own:

  1. Reason: Passion for what we do. Work/life balance? Sure, it’s all life now.
  2. Attitude:      Mateship and complete trust in each other. If you manage to get a group of technically-savvy alpha-male to co-work in harmony – never let go.
  3. Dream:  Clear vision and strategy of what we want and hunger to achieve it
  4. Path:      Methodologies and diversified expertise to get us there – tethered with extreme nonconformistic mentality and aptitude to produce new skills when required
  5. Clarity:  Focus on what’s important and what isn’t. Prioritisation is a killer.
  6. Means:  Resources to get us started and the drive to continue when those run out
  7. Psyche: Insane optimism and support from our families

So we started Nubis as a platform to funnel our joint capabilities with the audacity to believe that if it requires years of research and development for an army of experts over a decade with a budget of gazillions – we will make it happen on a shoestring and make it happen now! Just like we have repeatedly done time and time again.


What is Alphega?

Alphega is a mobile cloud service enabling you to finally put Augmented Reality to use beyond being just a cool technology by turning your smartphone into a “socioscope” that visually project the social networking activities around you. Updates from networks such as Twitter and Facebook that take place in your vicinity will appear in the real direction relative to you allowing you to engage with friends and new people online or in person. Your privacy is our top priority and Alphega addresses it by providing you with all the controls necessary to manage your level of visibility and engagement. Simply choose if you would like to engage with only your friends, everyone or no one at all. Alphega is not a new social network but rather an aggregation of many popular ones – so you can use it without waiting for your friends to join. With awesome support from the BizSpark programme, Alphega successfully qualified for an investment award by AppCampus, a global mobile accelerator funded by Microsoft and Nokia. We are continuously working on adding support for more social networks and many other awesome technologies to enrich your social engagement and bridge the gap between virtual and real.

Nubis is all about applying cutting edge into applicable instruments. That what gets us up in the morning!


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