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  • Blog Post: Filter SharePoint Event Log Entries

    I’ve posted this under my 101 Uses for PowerShell , but I thought it was so helpful that it deserved it’s own post. The script below uses PowerShell to get a collection of event entries from the “Application” Event Log.  It passes a wildcard filter for any source like  ‘*sharepoint*’ and returns...
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Features Exposed

    I've been in some rather deep discussions on Enterprise features, so I thought I would share some findings on what they are, where they are, and what they do. First, there are three different Enterprise features that can be enabled within a farm. They are: -Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint PowerShell Power Pack

    Using PowerShell to support SharePoint has saved me quite a bit of time. I can do just about everything I would do in .NET, only without firing up Visual Studio just to check a property of a SPWeb object. I have compiled a collection of PowerShell functions and methods that I commonly use. It's in...
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