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  • Blog Post: Working Paper #666

    Recently, in one of the current economic crisis disccusions, I saw a link to a Working Paper #666 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. At first I thought it's a prank. Well, the number alone sounds like some dark humor. Nope. It was not. I went through the link
  • Blog Post: Economy crisis 101

    Pardon for another non-technical post, but I thought it may be interesting. A friend of mine, a professor at the University of Texas, presented an article of his student, introducing some mathmatical theory explaining the roots of today crisis in economy. And I could not resist to answer. If you know...
  • Blog Post: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

    Long Tail, The, Revised and Updated Edition: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson – Hyperion, 2006/2008, 267 p., ISBN 978-1-4013-0966-4 This book is almost a classic by now, so if you did not heard about it, at least briefly going through pages may be a great idea....
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