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Thoughts on Agile development, Scrum, ALT.NET, and whatever else comes to mind.

About Eric Lee


About Eric Lee

I am currently a developer with the Engineering Excellence group at Microsoft, working on applications that are a part of Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative.

Prior to joing EE, I was a development lead in the test organization of Microsoft Game Studios, building tools and technologies to help our teams more efficently test the games we publish.  I spent nine years in MGS and focused particularly on building test tools for MMOs.

Before that I worked for six years in the Office group focusing on automated testing and building large test automation management systems.

Anything I write on this blog is my own personal opinion and doesn't represent the opinion of Microsoft.  I'm probably not an expert on any topic that I write about.  You, dear reader, are merely sampling my current opinions and point of view which are subject to change at any time without notice.