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Dennis Anderson, Ian MacGillivray and Ben Coley at UNESCO
Hi - we're your official bloggers for the Education Leaders' Forum 2008.
The handsome one on the right is Ben Coley, a computer science student from De Montfort University in Leicester. He's a fan of all things technology, fashion, travelling and music (and preferably combining the four whilst on expenses). He's been responsible for all of the beautiful images, embedded videos and a lot of the background research and supporting evidence you'll find here.
I'm Ian MacGillivray, the one in the middle in dire need of a haircut. I like jazz, pedantry, symmetry and asymmetry and am unfortunately the one responsible for the inane ramblings all over this blog. Any of the good quality content is copied verbatim from the speakers - the rest you can blame me for.
On the left is Dennis Anderson, Professor of Information Systems at Pace University. He's a strong advocate of technology-enhanced learning, emerging technologies, sustainable technologies, and knowledge entrepreneurship.  Dennis has been overseeing the entire creation of this blog, providing tips and advice throughout.
I hope we've provided a good overview of the conference, as well as adding a bit of a student bias and fun to the proceedings. If you'd like to dig a little deeper into any of our opinions then feel free to get in touch.

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