Who are we? What is this?

The Education Leaders' Forum 2008 is hosted not only to form new connections and stimulate & expand upon new ideas, it is to serve as a catalyst for action to improve the lives of students everywhere. We are two such students, currently progressing through the UK's Higher Education system, and about to move into our final year at University.

We'll be tracking the recurring themes of the discussion, and providing you with more more information, references and links wherever possible; that these discussions may continue back in your world, and drive positive change for your students. We'll be writing with a natural student bias, which should hopefully also give you an insight into how the conference, talks and themes are perceived  by a student audience.

Please, use this resource not only to recap on all you have heard, and also to help those unable to attend to gain a flavour of the conference - but also as a base to frame your own, localised discussions and decisions.