The intent of this blog is twofold; primarily to provide you with a quick reference guide (albeit, in my own words, with a student bias) to any of the keynotes, workshops and panel discussions you'd like to refresh your memory of, and perhaps gain a slightly differing point of view on; secondly to help you to frame and kick-off your own internal discussions about what the future of Higher Education looks like for the sector, region or even business you represent.

You can view the content of the conference on this blog in one of three ways, whichever works best for you. Most likely, this will be a mishmash of all three.

Under every post, you can also leave a comment, start a discussion and contribute your own thoughts and points of view for others to see. Please make full use of this feature, for the benefit of all. Here's those three ways:

1. Pictorially

Throughout the conference, a talented artiste has been capturing the ebb and flow of the conversation in pictoral form, and each of these are available as high quality images for you to download and view at your leisure. We've put each one under every post, which you can view chronologically (see below).

2. Topically

At the right hand side of this blog, you will notice a 'tags' section. This collection of keywords should go some way towards finding the posts which relate to, and talk about a certain topic which may be of particular interest to you at any one time.

3. Chronologically

Click here for a quick outline of the agenda of the conference, with links to posts relating to each session. Alternatively, just read the blog from the bottom upwards, and you'll progress from the start to the finish naturally.


Ian & Ben