Ooh, another blog! But wait, this one's different.

The Windows 7 Blog for Developers.

 Sounds so, well developer-oriented. And about Windows 7. "Uh, Duh," you may very well say.

This one's got at least one member of the ISV Evangelism team in Windows participating in this one. And there may be many other writers and developers contributing to the blog (even me, too). The elusive "J"---well, for now he's elusive---is hoping to take a more developer bent than the E7 blog. So far that one's been interesting from the perspective of the dynamics and theoretical operations inside the Windows machine, er, organization. But "J" is getting into the bits. Down and dirty with the API peeps. Look for it; it should be good times. And you don't see that every day. No you don't my man; no you don 't. (episode 11)