Just a surreal feeling.  When I came into the office yesterday, there was mail from a coleague who said I should take a look at the article on CNN, talking about IE9. When I got there, I saw this:

And although Microsoft certainly hasn't committed to it [HTML5], Eliot Graff, an IE lead technical editor, is helping edit the Canvas interface at the W3C group.

Of course, the first thing I did was send the link to my relatives, who are constantly in the dark as to what I do for a living.

The article itself is interesting. Dean Hachamovitch's blog gives the full details, but really cool stuff, like tieing into Direct2D, rounded corners, increased perf, and, my favorite, standards work. The CNN article noted that I have been working with the W3C, editing the Canvas 2D API specification. It's part of Microsoft's commitment to being a fully-contributing member of the W3C. For quite some time, there have been calls for member organizations to provide editing resources for the W3C, and the hope is that there are many places where I can make the various W3C specifications clearer for those who will be implmementing it in the coming years.

This reflects the change in position that I've gone through (and why I've done so little Tablet talking lately). I am now part of the IE developer documentation team, I was the lead for the group until I was asked to work on the W3C assignment. That position is important enough that I have been taken off all managerial roles and am dedicated to this full-time. A swift and different change of pace, but this is a challenge and an opportunity that is exceptionally interesting and in which I think I can offer considerable value. 

Fourteen minutes of fame left to go. Good times; good times.