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June, 2010

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I swear I will keep this honest, crisp, and clean. This blog will sparkle as an example for bloggers not yet born, shimmer, for students not yet studying, and rail against indignities not yet committed. But mostly, this will be the flotsam and jetsam of a programmer writer and technichal editor, a former English professor who now professes state-of-the-art computing technology, a wannabe programmer who can code up to twelve lines without debugging, and one swell cook, father, and bocce ball player. And I'll probably talk about Tablet PC, education, and Windows, too.

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    Tablet, Tablet, What is a Tablet?

    There's been some really interesting developments in the tablet world over the past years. When Bill Gates unveiled the Tablet PC almost a decade ago, Microsoft had high hopes that there'd be a chicken in every pot, if you will. Over the years we rolled...
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