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March, 2011

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I swear I will keep this honest, crisp, and clean. This blog will sparkle as an example for bloggers not yet born, shimmer, for students not yet studying, and rail against indignities not yet committed. But mostly, this will be the flotsam and jetsam of a programmer writer and technichal editor, a former English professor who now professes state-of-the-art computing technology, a wannabe programmer who can code up to twelve lines without debugging, and one swell cook, father, and bocce ball player. And I'll probably talk about Tablet PC, education, and Windows, too.

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    Last Call Working Drafts in the W3C

    Paul Cotton, one of the three chairs of the HTML Working Group at the W3C, recently sent out mail reminding the HTML WG that there were a number of specifications written within other working groups that were issued as Last Call Working Drafts (LCWD)...
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    Don't Read This

    Seriously. If you are hoping to find some information, turn around and go somewhere else. At least for now. I'm facing a pretty good dose of writer's block, and I figure that I need to just sit down and start typing. So, this post is nothing more...
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