Seriously. If you are hoping to find some information, turn around and go somewhere else.

At least for now.

I'm facing a pretty good dose of writer's block, and I figure that I need to just sit down and start typing. So, this post is nothing more than masturbatory verbal outcropping. A skein of fluff. A barrel of bull hicky. It's nothing worthwhile: it's merely scat spewed out of the keyboard, through the CPU, birthed by MSDN's engine, and rendered in your browser.

And, for which I apologise. Personally.

A lot of times in the past, I have apologized for work things that weren't my fault: IE crashing when your favorite webpage tried to launch a surreptitious js file that was unsigned; Windows 7 not rendering on the monitor that you received for high school graduation in 1994; the Tablet PC handwriting recognizer that doesn't like the way you scrawl your pet's name: I've literally taken the blame for those and more. It's OK. I represent the company. BUT, this one is my fault. If you're reading this: I am truly sorry. I am wasting your time.

Kind of like when my Uncle Henry wanted to teach me a valuable life lesson and had me weed his asparagus patch in Plainfield, Connecticut one summer. I'm pretty sure it was 1977. I was going to go with some friends to see Emerson, Lake and Palmer at Madison Square Garden. But Uncle Henry wanted me to learn about the value of time and nature and evolution, or some grief like that. And so I spent a summer's day, and I mean then entire summer's day, pulling garlic mustard, hairy jointgrass, and eulalia from between rows of asparagus. I got dirt under my nails. I got a sore back. I got a pretty bad sunburn between my hat and my shirt. My friends got to go backstage, because Tommy Hillshier's mother was a receptionist for Greg Lake's chiropractor. They got to eat watercress sandwiches and drink Southern Comfort, while all I got that day was a visceral dislike for asparagus.

That's the kind of time-wasting I'm talking about and for that, I am sorry.

But hopefully this will break the ice a little bit, get me past writing the first blog post, open up my voice a little. At the very least, I remembered my password. And soon I'll start writing about what it means to work inside Microsoft, edit specs for the W3C, have a sincere passion for Tablet PCs, look out at bald eagles on my way to and from work, or anything, ANYTHING more relevant to your world than the drivel you've just be subjugated to. Maybe even something that you care about.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day...