For over a year, the project has been growing in stature. The latest metrics I looked at shows that there are now over 21,000 registers users, and the site's amassed close to 5 million page views. Not bad for something that still has yet to announce a beta.

For those of you who are not familiar with the project, Webplatform, and specifically Webplatform Docs (WPD), is a site dedicated to being a single, authoritative repository of information and resources for web development. The site is currently funded by a consortium of industry leaders: the W3C, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Mozilla, Opera, HP, Intel, Nokia, and Facebook. The original content was donated by Microsoft and other member organizations. But the site is set up as a wiki, and anyone who joins (and anyone can join) is free to contribute new content and edit existing content in order to improve the site. As of this morning, we've tracked well over 35,000 page edits to date.

The site runs on an instance of MediaWiki and has been supported by HP Cloud Services. And for the first part of its life, the volunteer community (with the help of a couple of employees of some of the stewards) has largely made sure that the site was running well, was optimized for our needs, and incorporated feature requests as the community identified and approved them. As a founding member and steward of the project, I've been in awe of the job that these people have done to keep the site growing and doing so in a responsible manner.

But we've grown up, and it's time for some professional help (some have argued that I've needed professional help for years, but that's another topic). I am so pleased to be able to announce that Renoir Boulanger (@renoirb) has accepted a position as the dev ops for WPD. Renoir brings a host of experience to the job, couple with exhibited passion for the open community and projects like WPD. We published a blog post announcing his arrival this morning.

If you have been working on WPD with us, please welcome Renoir. If WPD is new to you, please take a look around and join the party. Let me know if you have any questions.