What do these all have in common?

On Wednesday, David Treadwell posted to the Windows Live blog, giving a sneak peek into what you can expect to hear more about next week Mix08.

"At MIX we are enabling several new Live services with AtomPub endpoints which enable any HTTP-aware application to easily consume Atom feeds of photos and for unstructured application storage (see below for more details). Or you can use any Atom-aware public tools or libraries, such as .NET WCF Syndication to read or write these cloud service-based feeds.

In addition, these same protocols and the same services are now ADO.NET Data Services (formerly known as “ Project Astoria”) compatible. This means we now support LINQ queries from .NET code directly against our service endpoints, leveraging a large amount of existing knowledge and tooling shared with on-premise SQL deployments...."

For more on this and other ADO.NET Data Services news at Mix check out our three focused sessions:

Wed, March 5th - RESTful Data Services with the ADO.NET Data Services Framework by Pablo Castro

Fri, March 7th - Accessing Windows Live Services via AtomPub by Pablo Castro

Fri, March 7th - Building RESTful Real World Applications with the ADO.NET Data Services Framework by Mike Flasko