How to create your own SW/HW categories in Component Designer

How to create your own SW/HW categories in Component Designer

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Let’s continue the theme of discussing undocumented features in the tools like we did with Database Manager's "/v" switch.

A long time ago around Beta1 of Whistler Embedded (Spring of 2000 I think) was the last time Component Designer had the ability to create *new* ‘Category’ objects. The reason why this capability was cool is that you had a unique location to place your third party driver and application components.

It was around this time that we decided it made more sense for customers to place their  feature components into predefined categories to maintain consistency with all the Windows feature components.

Well, the capability to create the categories was still needed for other purposes so CD always retained this ability but this functionality just wasn’t exposed…until now <grin>

Simply launch Component Designer (cdesign.exe) with the “/c” switch to expose the New Categories functionality. (see the screenshot below) There should now be a “Categories” node between “Repositories” and “Dependencies” as seen in CD.

Here’s the deal, use this feature at your own risk, I make no guarantees that this undocumented feature will meet all your expectations. But it will create a new category as viewed in Target Designer after you import your new component. You'll then be able to assign your new components to that category.

- Andy Allred

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