Jim's Bio

Jim's Bio

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Being older that dirt, I take great joy in getting with others of my age to discuss computers and saying something like "I remember purchasing a 2K byte memory expansion board." So, here goes.

My love for computers began one day while I was proofreading one of my test procedures that a secretary had typed on her IBM Selectric typewriter. My impression that an idiot had written this procedure forced me to seek a better way. Fortunately, my group had purchased a mini computer for me to use. I quickly assembled all of the pieces I needed – a full-screen text editor, a document formatter program (Run-off) and fan-fold drafting format paper. I’ve had a keyboard in front of me virtually every working day since then.

I did, however, decide to make a career change. My degree is in Electrical Engineering but, be it my love of computers, my belief that embedded programmers will rule the world, or the fact that I find it easier to locate the right place for a semicolon in a line of source code than in an essay, I’ve been happily working as an embedded programmer now for 20+ years.

I’ve been with the Windows Embedded Team as a Software Design Engineer-Test since December 2005. My responsibilities are… well, you would probably find them boring. But the best part of my job is helping our customers be successful. So, I do hope that you will find my postings helpful.

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