Weijuan's bio

Weijuan's bio

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Hello, I am Weijuan Shi, Program Manager of the Embedded Windows team. I used to be a member of the Customer Strike Team led by Andy Allred that drives the community and customer engagement for Embedded Windows, and improves customer/partner experience (CPE). Now I am shifting my focus on actual product development such as Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and beyond. All good stuff.

Before I joined Microsoft, I was a Unix/Linux developer for several years, obsessed with coding for OS or distributed system applications. I started with Microsoft as a Developer Support Engineer for Windows device drivers in 2002 (DDK it is!). Later I joined Windows Core OS Division as a Test Developer on Windows Vista reliability features, such as Disk Failure Diagnostics, Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). I also worked as the Program Manager for an internal testing infrastructure: Windows Longhaul Testing. In 2006, I joined the Embedded Windows team as the first full-time Program Manager of the Customer Strike Team to bridege the gap between customers and Microsoft on embedded Windows products. Can't have enough with Windows.

Outside work, I enjoy volunteering for nonprofit orgs or community events, especially those education or culture exchange related ones.


施卫娟 (if you can read Chinese, that’s my Chinese name)




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