Mike's Bio

Mike's Bio

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I am born and raised in Tehran, Iran, but I started my professional life in 1988 in Washington DC area. Both my BS and MS degrees are in EE, but I exclusively worked on embedded and real time software, mostly for communication equipment (wired and wireless).  I built packet switching equipment, cell phone infrastructure machines, air to ground and ship to shore modems, satcomm equipment, high speed and highly reliable muxes and switches, telecomm test equipment, voice and data aggregators, etc.

After living in the DC area for 23 years (almost ¼ of a century, that is a long time, I know!), I moved to Puget sound area to work on windows embedded products at Microsoft as a software developer. I am working with a group of smart, dedicated and passionate people and enjoy my job every day.
I have a great family, if I may say so myself. My wife, Susan, is a clinical social worker by training but has taken a break from her career to be with our two small children. My son, Omeed, is 4 years old and is totally into Spider Man. My daughter, Aundia, is 1.5 years old and enjoys being daddy’s little princess.

  • HORM does not stand for “Ham On Rye (with) Mayonnaise”. It is an acronym for “Hibernate Once Resume Many”.

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