Microsoft to end licensing Window 3.11 for the embedded industry

Microsoft to end licensing Window 3.11 for the embedded industry

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Yes you read it right - 3.11. According to the msdn blog by John Coyne OEM licensing for 3.1 will no longer be allowed as of November 1st, 2008. If you are wondering who cares about a 15 years old OS then the windows embedded industry is apparently not happy. The longer life of some of the embedded devices and the difficulty/non necessity of upgrades make it a challenge for embracing new OS as often as in the Desktop systems. Unlike mobile phones embedded devices life does not end in a year or two. Now the question is how long the embedded industry will hold on to a way better windows XP embedded ? - Very interesting comments for the article at arstechnica.


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  • I had been wondering about things like abandonware and was curious if this would fall in that category.

    I ask because of Virtual PC and wanting to run older stuff like MS DOS.

    Some comments I read said all of Microsoft's stuff had not expired or whatnot and is not abandonware.

  • I do not think any of Microsoft released software will stop running one fine morning- if that is what you mean by expired. The support is gone and you cannot buy new licenses for them in the market ( sometimes that is also referred to as abandonware) . For MSDOS on VPC or such untested combinations no one knows what will happen. The risk is some update will suddenly break your scenarios.

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