Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Embedded Now Available for Download!

Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Embedded Now Available for Download!

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The November 2008 - Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Embedded Optional Update  is now available on the ECE for Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded with Service Pack 2 and/or Feature Pack 2007.

Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 3 (SP3) is a roll-up of hot-fixes and security updates Microsoft has released since Service Pack 2 (SP2). It also includes select out-of-band releases, and a small number of new enhancements, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. Windows XP Embedded SP3 provides a new baseline for customers deploying Windows XP Embedded. For customers with existing Windows XP Embedded installations, SP3 fills the gap in the updates they might have missed.

Please check this link on the ECE for more details:

November 2008 - Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Embedded Optional Update – Product Download

If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support,


- Patrick

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  • Well that still work on Windows XP is much faster than Vista.



  • Is there any way us end users can get this, or am I completely at the mercy of my hardware vendor?

    I'm running HP Thin Clients with XPe, and HP has proven time and again that thin client support and development is not a customer priority.

    I bought the device with a licensed OS, I should be able to then deploy/install the OS as suits my needs. Unfortunately, I can't download the XPe dev kit and rebuild images that fit my needs without paying the licensing tax (and it's a hefty one) again.

  • Ian,

    Unfortuntely your only option is to engage with HP as they are the owner of the image, and are responsible for supporting it based on whatever support agreeemnt you have with them. They would also have the configuration file and also custom drivers that are included n your device, so even if you had the dev kit it would be unlikely that you would be able to totally reporidce the configuration they crated for your hardware.


  • So when will you guys throw the piece of complete trash, known as the "Windows XP Embedded Tool set", or "that horrible piece of crap" (for short) around here, and get some decent replacement for building XP system images.  If you'd like to hear a real world set of complaints about XPe, no holds barred, and what customers really need, we'd love to feed you back information on our use of XPe, and how miserable it is trying to get anything to work.

    Warren A.Postma

    Tekran Instruments Corporation.

    wpostma at tekran dot com

  • Well, I've just read quickly through the "XPE Developer Resource kit.doc", and it's a great piece of documentation, by the way, good job folks.  

    Chock full of XPe goodness.   I hope it's a sign that the XPe tools might be in good hands after all.


  • Hi Warren,

    We appreciate your honest feedback and we would love to hear more detailed information from you on Windows XP Embedded.

    I will follow-up with you offline and I am looking forward to your feedback.



    Microsoft – Windows Embedded Team

  • Why can't we download XPe SP3?

  • Service Pack 3 for XP Embedded is available for download by OEMs from the OEM websites, more information is at the Mobile and Embedded Communications extranet, If you are not an OEM, and have purchased from an OEM or Distributor, please work with them to get the SP3 update. An eval version of Service Pack 3 for XP Embedded will be made available for download from next week.


  • Very interested in SP3 for Embedded for work. I'll be watching for more updates here so please keep us posted.

  • Hi,

    I have an evaluation version of Windows XPe Service Pack2 FP2007. I want to install the latest release i.e, SP3 on my PC. When will the evaluation verion of Service Pack 3 be available from Microsoft for download?

    Thanks in advance.



  • You can find teh eval version of XPe SP3 at



  • I have downloaded and installed SP3 update for my XPE development system with no problems.  Is there a package for XPE SP3 that I can deploy to my fielded systems?

  • Hi Richard,

    We do not have a method to install Service Pack 3 directly to your deployed images. There are many complexities to a Service Pack update, updated binaries are only the beginning and are supported by registry and other configuration modifications. Because of the complexity of a Service Pack in and of itself, trying to apply just the relevant updates and supporting configuration to an Embedded system which has no defined configuration presents many difficulties. Because of this, we do not have a fail-safe method of service pack deployment to offer.  


  • How come Windows XPe does not allow us to install Framwork .NET 3.5? Our entire product base was programmed using .NET 3.5.

    Please HELP!

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