Adam's Bio

Adam's Bio

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I’m a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Embedded team. I am responsible for Custom Shell Features because I am passionate about providing a platform that can be customized to the extent our embedded customers require. I have been at Microsoft since 2008. Before coming to Microsoft I had extensive experience in the mobile, industrial printing and kernel programming. I have a wife and 2 great children who are enjoying the Redmond experience (especially on days when it does not rain).


My hobbies include cooking, biking and recently kayaking. Skiing will be next.

  • Hi Adam,

    I am trying to run the Dialog Filter Editor on my deployed WES7 64bit image. I have included the DialogFilterService_amd64 in ICE, and pulled the editor over from the EmbeddedSDK\Bin  folder and run it on the target machine. It executes by I do not get File, Settings, or Help as described in the technical documentation which is need to run properly.

    I have posted this issue at :

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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