We then need the “clients” software to work. The most useful one for developers will probably be InfoPath, to create forms for the SP based solutions.

To install the product, I‘ll use my company release of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. You’ll perhaps need adaptations from what is described here.

There’s 2 options to setup unattend Office 2007:

  1. Use a config.xml file with the few parameters you need
  2. Create a MSP file using “Office Customization Tool”

I’ll describe the OCT tool (the option 2):

  1. Create a “O2007EnterpriseSetup.msp” file for the setup (needed once, but needed!):
  • run “setup.exe /admin” from the software package root. This launches the “Office Customization Tool'”:
  • Select the edition you have and press “OK”
  • Fill in the fields and options. In my case, I change:
    • The Company name (for the fun)
    • The setup screens options (incl. license and no display)
    • The features installed (set it to “Run all from my computer”)
  • Then click on “File / Save as” and choose a name/location for the MSP file
  • Save it
  1. Run the setup with this file as a parameter: “setup /adminfile %mspfilelocation%”
    • You’ll see the splash screen for few seconds
    • Then, everything is unattended
    • And here you are:

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UPDATE (3/9/2009): One of my friend at Microsoft Support pointed me you need a "volume" licensed release of Office for OCT to be available. It may not be the case through MSDN or TechNet downloads.