When performing a mail merge from CRM, only one CRM record is created if you browsed through the records in the preview

Steps to Repro:

1. Start Outlook
2. On the folder bar, go to “Microsoft CRM” -> “Contacts”
3. In the contacts list, mark several contacts and click the Mail Merge (Word) button
4. In “Mail merge Type”, choose "email"
5. In step 2, enter the address block
6. In step 3, set preview to recipient 2
7. Complete -> Electronic Mail
8. Enter any subject
9. In the Options choose to create CRM activities and to include an unsubscribe link and confirm with “OK”

=> only one activity record will be created in CRM


this has been identified to be an issue with Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010. Because the document is modified after processing a record by adding the unsubscribe link, Word cannot parse the XML database and is causing the mail merge to finish as if it had reached the last record.


- before finishing the mail merge browse back to the first record OR
- disable the unsubscribe link option in the merge dialog


the issue has been logged with the Word product team and is currently being investigated.