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  • Blog Post: Outlook: How to determine the owner of an item (including an item from a shared folder)

    Outlook doesn't have any built in methods to find the owner of an item. The question was asked if it is possible to find this information when the user is looking at an item in a shared folder. For example, if a user has delegate permissions to a folder and opens an item from that folder, is it possible...
  • Blog Post: Outlook Code: BeforeItemMove event not being triggered for all the folders

    We have recently had a case where the BeforeItemMove event wasn’t being triggered when switching between two calendar folders in Outlook 2007 or 2010.   To subscribe for the event we were using the Outlook.Explorer.CurrentFolder property to retrieve the currently selected folder and that same object...
  • Blog Post: EWS Application: Disable OWA 2010 Conversation View

    Exchange 2010 OWA Folder View Settings are stored in a MAPI property and are customizable per folder. Conversation View is enabled by default in OWA 2010 and even if you disable it on the existing folders, new folders you create will always have Conversation View enabled. The property that stores...
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