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  • Blog Post: PowerShell: Purge folder of items over a certain age

    This PowerShell script can be used to purge a folder of its contents, optionally only deleting items before a certain date. Example usage: .\Purge-MailboxFolder user1.ex2k10@hybrid.local "Test Folder" "02/Aug/2013" -Impersonate -SearchForFolder The above will search for the first folder called...
  • Blog Post: Exchange Web Services and SharePoint without ApplicationImpersonation

    A question that I have seen crop up quite a bit on the internet is how to use EWS with a SharePoint webpart. Using EWS is quite easy, as you can simply reference the managed API and use that - but the main implementation headache is how to set up authentication. A lot of customers do not want to use...
  • Blog Post: EWS Impersonation in a Mixed 2007/2010 Environment

    The question came up recently whether one user account can be used to impersonate all mailboxes in an environment consisting of Exchange 2007 and 2010 servers. As most people realise, there have been huge changes to the permissions structure between the two versions (2010 introducing RBAC), so can we...
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