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  • Blog Post: EWS: Push Notification Sample

    I wrote a sample application quite a while ago showing how to write a push notification client using WCF. This seemed a little complex to me, and I have now got another sample that uses the managed API and a custom listener (taken from SOAPe ) to respond to the notifications. The listener form has been...
  • Blog Post: Test Applications (SOAP and Webdav)

    I have now published SOAPe, the SOAP (EWS) test application that I previously blogged about up to Codeplex. Documentation and updates will follow in due course. http://soape.codeplex.com/ I have also written a WebDAV test application that works in a very similar way, but supports WebDAV verbs...
  • Blog Post: EWS Push Notification Example Application

    Note : I have written another sample application which does not use WCF (and also shows how to integrate easily with the EWS Managed API). This sample is available here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/emeamsgdev/archive/2012/12/20/ews-push-notification-sample.aspx I had a case where a customer was having...
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