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  • Blog Post: WebSockets, RIA/JS and WCF Web API at MIX, a whole lotta love for the web

    MIX was indeed a busy time for the WCF Team. We delivered several talks, and released several shiny new toys to the community for folks that are building web-based systems. WebSockets Craig Kitterman of our Interoperability group, and Paul Batum , whom you might know of from his work on Fluent...
  • Blog Post: WCF, Data Services and RIA Services Alignment Questions and Answers

    Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the heart of the Microsoft Developer story around services. WCF is the unified programming model for working with services in the enterprise and across the Internet in .NET applications. As highlighted in sessions at this year’s PDC, .NET Framework 4 makes...
  • Blog Post: The WCF services ecosystem

    At PDC, Microsoft announced the rebranding of ADO.NET Data Services as WCF Data Services and of .NET RIA Services as WCF RIA Services . This is not just a product marketing decision – it is also a technical commitment to provide a coherent and unified services story on .NET. The current implementations...
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