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  • Blog Post: How to eliminate from your service WSDL is the default namespace applied to WCF Services and Workflow Services.  You can and should specify your service namespace. It is recommended that you explicitly specify a name and namespace for the service contract, and an action for each operation to avoid using " http://tempuri...
  • Blog Post: - Troubleshooting WCF - Bad Address on Client

    Don't you hate it when things go wrong? Most of the time on, I show you when everything is working properly. On this episode, however, I'm going to show you some tools and techniques for troubleshooting what happens when you invoke a proxy with the wrong service address. Ron Jacobs blog http...
  • Blog Post: - Meet SO-Aware (Part 1)

    SO-Aware is an exciting new tool you can use with your WCF Services. This is not just another UDDI registry. Rather, this is a tool that works for SOAP, REST, and OData services just have to see it in action. Tellago Studios SO-Aware - Meet SO-Aware (Part 2 - coming soon) Ron Jacobs...
  • Blog Post: New Web Services Interop site on MSDN

    Interoperability has been a primary goal of the web services standards from the beginning. After all, why would you go to the trouble to form a cross-industry initiative to essentially re-invent advanced distributed programming protocols like CORBA and DCOM, unless you could create standards that were...
  • Blog Post: - How to Do API Key Verification with a WCF WebHttp (REST) Service

    In .NET 3.5, we created the REST Starter Kit as a way to get you up and running with RESTful services. Now that .NET 4 is out, people are asking how to do things like API Key Verification in .NET 4. In this episode, I'll walk you through a sample based on my blog post on the subject.
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