March, 2004

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Microsoft® Entourage® 2004 for Mac is the ultimate personal information manager (PIM) that helps you handle e-mail messages, contacts, schedules, notes, documents and more from one central location. And now you can work more easily in a Microsoft Exchange server environment with the new Exchange server support built into Entourage 2004.

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    Steriogram uses Entourage

    • 3 Comments Enlisting Street Teams Energetic and shrewd as the young bandmates are, they invite — and sustain — genuinely friendly relationships with their fans. “Since the day we started our website...
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    The Entourage MVP Help Page

    • 4 Comments One of the greatest things about Microsoft Entourage, is the community that supports it. Among our great community are a couple of key standouts: our MVP's. What are MVP's? The...
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    "Office 2004 for Mac a must"

    The Washington Times' Mark Kellner loved Mac Office 2004 ! He especially enjoyed Entourage, highlighting the Project Center, three column view, junk mail filtering, and archiving: Another new feature is archiving, which lets you save all your PIM...
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    Insights into MacBU Innovation

    Lead Program Manager on Virtual PC for Mac, Omar Shahine details how innovation occurs within Microsoft's Macintosh group: Contrary to what people may think, we don’t share features with any other teams. We aren’t obligated to implement...
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    Jon's Phone Tools Adds Entourage Note Support

    Yesterday, I posted about Jon's Phone Tools and mentioned that it'd be cool if notes taken within JPT were saved inside of Entourage. A couple e-mails later and Jon posted an update integrating notes with Entourage. Give it a whirl...
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    Mac Office 2004 Demo

    There's a nifty video demonstrating some of the new features in the upcoming Mac Office 2004 . For Entourage: Three column view - in Entourage X your mail's viewing pane always sat below the list of your messages. You now have the option to view...
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    Jon's Phone Tool

    A common feature request that the Entourage team inevitably runs out of time before implementing is the ability to dial contact's phone numbers. There are several scripts/applications available that do the job that we normally point users towards. Just...
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