There's a nifty video demonstrating some of the new features in the upcoming Mac Office 2004.  For Entourage:

  • Three column view - in Entourage X your mail's viewing pane always sat below the list of your messages.  You now have the option to view a message to the right of your message list.  With this layout, you can see 40% more of your e-mail message in a single glance.
  • Improved Junk Mail Filter - the Junk Mail Protection in Entourage X was miserable!  The Entourage team worked hard to implement the latest junk mail filtering technology from Microsoft Research
  • Project Center - organize your work and your information.  Project Center allows you to track your activities on a project by project basis, including calendars, contacts, notes, and (not just Microsoft Office created) files.

These are only a small part of a whole bunch of new features coming out in Office 2004. In addition to features for other Office apps mentioned in the demo, there will be more details about more features released throughout April and May.