One of the greatest things about Microsoft Entourage, is the community that supports it. Among our great community are a couple of key standouts: our MVP's.

What are MVP's?

The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing individuals in technical communities around the globe who share a passion for technology and the spirit of community. Microsoft MVPs are recognized for both their demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share their experience with peers in Microsoft technical communities.

Microsoft MVPs are a diverse group of individuals who are:

    • Recognized:They are acknowledged by peers and also by Microsoft for their active participation in Microsoft technical communities around the globe.
    • Credible:They have demonstrated practical expertise providing the highest quality information and content.
    • Accessible:They are active technical community leaders sharing their experience with peers.

And, indeed, our MVPs are truly invaluable. Their volunteer efforts help make using Entourage, and even Entourage itself, a great experience. Kudos to them. The link at the top of this post goes the FAQ website that they have set up. To be honest, there are times when even I have to go to this page to find an answer! That's just how thorough it is!

Thanks again to our Entourage MVP's! I'll be seeing you next month. -Dennis