Enlisting Street Teams
Energetic and shrewd as the young bandmates are, they invite — and sustain — genuinely friendly relationships with their fans. “Since the day we started our website, we have personally replied to almost every email we’ve received,” says Carter. “And we’ve been getting 60 to 100 a day, so that gets kind of crazy when we’re touring and playing shows.”

How do they do it? “Everyone in the band has a PowerBook with Entourage,” says Carter. “So as soon as we get to a town we go to Starbucks or somewhere with high-speed Internet hot spots. We log on and split up the mail between the five of us, and we reply to everything. We get people who say, ‘I never thought I’d hear from you guys again!’ They’re amazed that we take the time. But we know that the personal touch makes them more of a fan, and they want to work even harder for us.”

The Geek Band
“A lot of bands don’t even have a computer,” says Carter. “We are the geek band. Wherever we turn up, we’re working hard on our Macs. We use them seriously all the time — to keep in touch through email, to edit the video we shoot on DV cams, to keep up our website. We even made a video about how much we love our Macs!”

Carter ticks off the Apple tools that are as essential to the band as its drums and guitars: “We’ve got five 15-inch PowerBook G4s, with Cinema Displays and AirPort and Bluetooth. We use Entourage and iLife and we edit video with Final Cut Pro. And we all have iPods — we use them as much as our Macs.”

Neat! (Thanks to MattCe for finding this)