I don't seem to be able to browse the Global Address List (GAL).  I can search, but I cannot browse.
In order to browse the contents of the GAL (or GCL), you must be connecting to a Windows 2003 domain controller's LDAP service.  Entourage utilizes an enhancement to Windows Server's LDAP support known as Virtual List Views.  If Entourage connects to a Windows 2000 domain controller, you will be able to search the contents of your GAL, but not browse.

Every time I try to access the GAL with LDAP, I receive error #-17747.
SP2 includes a fair amount of enhancements to Entourage's general LDAP capabilities.  As a result, some of your previous LDAP settings may need to be updated.  The most common solution for error -17747 is to remove the search base from your directory configuration.  Go to Tools menu : Accounts : Your Exchange Account : Advanced  and empty the Search Base field.

Remember the Office Resource Kit
If you're an IT Administrator and interested in finding out more about how best to deploy Entourage SP2 within your org, check out the updated Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Resource Kit.

- Andy (andyleeruff@hotmail.com)