Hello everyone, my name is Eduardo Ortega, Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Gulf and this is my new blog after I left Spain :)

What I’m doing here and where I come from?

I’ve dedicated all my life to Microsoft since I was what? 12 years old? Creating games and applications, is what most I remember about it, but I dedicated all my working years (more than 15) working from the distance for this beautiful creation called Microsoft. I’ve worked as Game Developer with GDI and DX, as a mapper and modeler with GTK Radiant, Blender, 3DMax, as an App Developer with C, C++, VB, Delphi, Java, as an IT Administrator for Windows Server 2000 and 2003, as a security Administrator with Windows Server 2003 PKIs, as a database administrator on SQL Server 2005, as Trainer on Microsoft Courses, as an Embedded and Mobile App developer and as a UX Designer for Windows and Windows Phone apps.


But if you try to find me out there, it is from developer communities where you probably can could find me.


In 2005 I have founded the first Windows Mobile community in Spain, Mobile Net User Group, where I had with my community one of the best experience of my life. Having more than 500 members, I deliver hundreds of sessions, articles written, book reviews and demos created for them, having one of the most satisfactory feelings I ever had, that is give and share expecting nothing in return, just making peoples’ life easier. Thanks to that I had the luck to be awarded by Microsoft as an MVP on Device Application Development for 3 years and I had the chance to meet my dreamed people in Microsoft Corporation and awesome community members worldwide.

This is something that I don’t want to stop there but continue doing it, now not in Spain or UK, but with all of you world wide.


You can find in this blog:

- MOST: News/Articles about Windows Phone platform

- MOST: News/Articles about Windows Embedded platform

- MOST: News/Articles about Windows platform

- MAYBE: XBOX and Kinect


So you are very welcome to come to my small corner and thanks for following me, it’s a real pleasure to share my experiences with you.

- May the code be with you -

Eduardo Ortega Bermejo
Windows/Windows Phone Apps Lead, Technical Evangelist @Microsoft